Use Flickr

We love gifs!  However, many times, regular jpg images will suffice and make a great book. Now you can search through Flickr Creative Commons images to make your book pages!  It’s a great addition and will really allow educators and students to make wonderful books. Don’t forget – each book will also create a quiz […]

We’ve Got Quizzes!

Part of the Gif Lingua project is to provide all books with a “study quiz”.   After a student reads a book, they can dig in and learn all the main vocabulary.  Now, this is a reality! Just click “Study this book” and you’ll see the set for each book. Students can play a variety […]

Teachers: Copy A Book

We already have 1,000s of books in English on GifLingua. But we’ve only just begun! We want teachers to help us translate all the books into many other languages, so they can help other teachers and language learners around the world. It’s easy to do. Register as a teacher Find a book you like Click […]

Types Of Books

Gif Lingua Books is designed to offer the best extensive reading material possible – for all levels. Just select the level and start learning! The books are designed to facilitate learning through repetition, thematic approach and patterning.  Here are the types or styles of books with examples that you’ll find in our book library. Use […]

We Are Live! In Beta.

We are finally launched! Find here on the blog, posts about our development, using gifs to teach or learn  and our highlighted content.  It’s going to be a fun journey and we have a lot planned to help both teachers and students. I promise you something different and something effective. That’s my guarantee. Regards, David […]