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We have done so much work with so few resources! Gif Lingua has almost 3,000 leveled readers in the library.  All English.

Now, we’d like to start translating the books into other languages and we need your help!

Your help translating will allow students of other languages to freely access and learn both content knowledge and language in another language.

You’ll need to contact us and we’ll provide you with an account for the language you’d like to translate books into.  Then start translating – it’s easy!  Make sure you have good knowledge of both English and the language to be translated.

Download the guide that explains how to translate a book. Or watch the Youtube tutorial video below.  Contact us to get the account for translating and you are set.

Thanks in advance for helping with this huge project!!!! Teachers or others helping with this project will get lifetime teacher access to the LMS and printables on Gif Lingua!


Teacher, Founder.

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