Gif Lingua + Quizlet = Success!

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Every book on Gif Lingua has a Quizlet study set.  You can study all the vocabulary of the book through quizzes, flashcards and games on Quizlet.  Just click  the settings icon then – “Study” and “Quizlet” on the first page of any book.  Here’s an example for the book – ough.

We chose Quizlet because they are simply the best!  We’ve followed Andrew as he grew the company and they make a great product that benefits students. We couldn’t build anything better so we got on the Quizlet bandwagon.

But it’s even better! Students and teachers who don’t want to go through our books for study sets can just go directly to our Quizlet folders.  We aren’t done adding all our 1,000s of Gif Quizlet sets to the folders but most are there in handy categories. You’ll be amazed – it’s the largest collection for language on Quizlet plus the pictures “gif”, they move!

Gif Lingua will be announcing in the near future more good news about us and Quizlet, so stay tuned!

Please comment and give us any feedback you have about Quizlet – much appreciated!

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