Quizlet Verified Creator Premium Content

Quizlet has been partnering with many quality publishers (Pearson, MacMillan etc …) to offer Premium paid content to learners/students on its platform.  Today, they’ve released their marketplace. Read about it here. We are also a Quizlet Verified Creator and Partner!   Find our content HERE.  All content on this page.  We’ve spent 1,000s of hours making […]

Phonics + Gifs = Learning

We are the go to place for phonics related materials! Gif Lingua has a full slate of phonics related books that teachers can use to present the sounds and spelling of English.  Teachers can turn off the sound or text and use the gifs to support their own teaching of each sound of English. Every […]

Help Us Translate Books!

We have done so much work with so few resources! Gif Lingua has almost 3,000 leveled readers in the library.  All English. Now, we’d like to start translating the books into other languages and we need your help! Your help translating will allow students of other languages to freely access and learn both content knowledge […]

Gif Lingua + Quizlet = Success!

Every book on Gif Lingua has a Quizlet study set.  You can study all the vocabulary of the book through quizzes, flashcards and games on Quizlet.  Just click  the settings icon then – “Study” and “Quizlet” on the first page of any book.  Here’s an example for the book – ough. We chose Quizlet because […]

The Importance Of Current Events

Current events are so important!  They are something all teachers should use as a material in the classroom – to foster knowledge of the world, practice writing, improve reading and so much more! On Gif Lingua, we “gif wrap” the news each week so students can review the main news stories with fun, motivating gifs.  […]

We’ve got Reading Badges

Let’s face it – teachers need to motivate students. It’s part of our job to keep students enthusiastic and excited about their learning. One way this can be achieved is with simple “reading rewards”.  Now on Gif Lingua, students will get a new badge for every 200 points (pages read).  The badges range for Newbie […]