We’ve Got Comprehension Quizzes

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Teachers and students in a class can now add comprehension quizzes to books they write!

It’s easy to do and see the steps outlined below.  Student results (%) will be shown in the Teacher LMS as well as the number of attempts.

Our team will be also be adding quizzes to existing books, all levels. You’ll be able to access them as they are created through Browse – QUIZ.  Here is a book with a quiz at the end – Elvis.

Quizzes are a simple  3 multiple choice question. If you want to do a true/false quiz, just add  True / False / Not sure  as a selection. That will work to test students’ understanding.

Adding Quizzes To A Book On Gif Lingua

  1. Choose the + Quiz button to generate a quiz page.

2. Fill in the quiz page with a question and 2 possible answers (distractors) and 1 correct answer. Select the correct answer. Click “Save”.  The page will be added to your book.

3. Keep adding quiz questions, as many as you wish. You can also copy a quiz question by clicking the small + sign on a quiz edit page.

4. Move the quiz pages to their proper place in the book. You can move them where you wish.

5. Publish the book. Make sure to select “quiz” as one of the categories. The book will appear on your class pages under “Written Books”. Or select it and add to your “Read Books” page for a class.  All Quiz books will have “Book Quiz” ribbon to identify that a quiz is included.

6. Students will be able to answer the quiz questions in the book as they read.

7. Students will see a Results screen after completing all the quiz questions. If the student is in a class, teachers will see the results in their class reports.

***Students can complete the quiz again and get results but only the first result/attempt by the student is recording in the teacher reports. 

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