Gif Lingua Goes WebM

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Gifs are great!  They play in almost any environment and their “looping” quality actually facilitates learning. Zajonc’s Mere Exposure Effect is well proven and valid as an educational design feature. Shifting Attention is a concept that also has high validity for educational designers. When we view something repeatedly, we shift our attention and notice different aspects of it.  This facilitates learning.

View our whole presentation about Why Gifs Are Great. 

However, there is one big drawback to gifs. They are HEAVY.  In design terms that means that they are just inefficient to load and manipulate because they have a large file  and frame size (gifs contain all the frames of a video while compressed video only some).

But the solution is here and Gif Lingua has implemented Webm on the platform and in the app.  Webm standard converts the gif to a small sized file so it’ll load quickly, instantly. We want Gif Lingua to be able to be used in very low bandwidth environments (< 1Mbs) and now its possible!

Here’s an example of a regular gif file. It’s 1.9 Mbs in size.

Here’s the same gif converted into Webm. — it’s only 226 Kbs.  You can imagine how much faster it loads on the page.  Also, the colors remain the same if now even better!

So you can see how super happy and stoked we are!

Interested in diving deeper into the geeky world of why webm format rocks?  Read this. 

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