What did your students learn today?

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We aren’t big fans of multiple choice quizzes nor the typical comprehension questions given out after reading.  It goes against the tenents of Extensive reading / watching. Further, it just doesn’t nurture students who become life long learners and readers.  Lastly, that time could be better spent enjoying more books!

However, sometimes it is good for students to think about their learning and monitor their own progress. Make progress visible. This leads to learner autonomy, the goal of all teaching – the independence of the learner from the class, teacher, institution.

Here is a great graphic organizer that you can provide students to record “learning”after reading. If too long, just cut in half!  Students write simple sentences about what they learned from the books they’ve read. Require one a week and you will be on the “write” track.  You might also try a KWL graphic organizer and use in the same vein.

Download the Things I Learned graphic organizer

Remember, teachers who register before Sept. 01 can use the Learning Management System for free and assign books, invite students and get reports. Also worksheetsets for every of the 3,000 books for only $25 / year. Click the settings button and “Download” on any book home page.

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