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Gif Lingua doesn’t only have thousands of books. We have thousands of the best available videos on each book topic/subject.

Our experienced teacher editors choose the best videos available on the web to support and extend the reading curriculum for the book.  For teachers, it saves loads of time and even if you aren’t getting students to read the books – it’s a great way to find the perfect video quickly. Just search, find a book on your topic and then hit the “settings” icon and click “Study” – “Videos”.

Further, they are without ads, without the clutter of Youtube which can have a lot of distracting stuff along with the video!

You’ll have to be signed in to watch the videos and study the quiz sets of flashcards and games.  But they are fully free to access and always will be.

Try the video for this book about Collocations. You’ll love it!  Teacher’s classic.

Enjoy using Gif Lingua!

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