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Gif Lingua works on any device, any screen. It’s a great online reading library and study tool. But many don’t know about it’s most powerful feature – it can be used offline.

One of the invisible features of Gif Lingua Books is that teachers and schools can create an instant digital library of books that students can read offline.

There is no need of data or wifi after teachers or students download books.

Here’s how easy it is to do and how it works.

1. Register or sign in as a teacher.
2. Browse the library of books by level, theme or search.
3. Download a book from the home page (select Settings – Download – epub)
4. Upload the books into the school or teacher Google Drive folder. One folder / level or class.
5. Change the share settings and provide the link to students.
6. Students download the books to their tablet or phone and start reading them offline!

Yes, it isn’t difficult at all to build a fully private and offline library of books, all leveled for students.  If you have Google Classroom, you can easily just import books from your Google Drive for all students.

Students can use any ereader on their phone, tablet or laptop/chromebook. We recommend Google Play Books for an Android phone or tablet. Here’s a video showing a book being read by Google Play Books. Turn on the audio settings when reading books by selecting “Read Aloud” in the settings menu. But Kindle works similarly.

For the web and a computer/laptop/chromebook – we highly recommend “Calibre”. It has many unique settings to change the size, color, font, reading. Plus it’s handy to organize and share books. Download and install the plugin to read books offline with audio/voice.

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