Blended Learning With Gif Lingua

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We believe that reading interesting materials about interesting topics is the key to student engagement and acquisition of language. Input.

Gif Lingua perfectly supports any classroom English language teacher and can be used in several ways.

1. Pre-lesson.

If you know you are going to teach “the family” next lesson, assign students the book, quizzes and flashcards to complete beforehand. This “pre-teaching” will help them a lot in class. Just use our search and level feature on the site.

2. In lesson. Show the book to students. Registered teachers can download the book as an ePub or PPTx. Read it together and discuss. Use the worksheets and lesson materials each teacher gets for every book (click “Download” + “Resources”. The worksheets are meant to supplement your own materials and extend the curriculum of any topic. See a sample of the excellent materials we are producing for every book below.

3. Post-lesson. After the lesson, assign students to read the book and complete the flashcard sets and quizzes. This will provide students with valuable recycling of the lesson vocabulary and content.

Here is an example of just one lesson on Gif Lingua. I’m choosing the most recent, newest book (dozens new books and resources produced each week.

Protests – Level 5.   Teacher Worksheets.  Flashcards / Quizzes. 

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