Why read?

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Reading is a research supported activity beneficial for student learning – a language or acquiring knowledge.  However too often schools don’t support and promote reading programs because of many administrative and institutional pressures and traditions.

Reading we know works when several things are in place:

  1. There is student choice. Students read what they want and are interested in.
  2. Students read text that is at their right level. 90 -98% of the words on a page should be understood.
  3. The teacher supports student reading and models reading.

Here is a nice reading list we put together and which in total supports the extensive reading approach of Gif Lingua. Not only do we provide support for student reading (audio, text, contextualization, quizzes) but we provide messages, ideas, books they really want to read – and it all begins there.

Let’s get our students reading!

Try these books on Gif Lingua celebrating reading.  I love books |  I love reading  |  Read A Book

Reading List

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