Gifs & Gif Lingua by the numbers

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numbers2We’ve been working hard at Gif Lingua and we’ll soon launch our responsive web app. Access gifs by level or theme on your phone and play games with them, share and learn/earn points.

It’s a huge project and thought it would be interesting to members to know some of the numbers behind our project and gifs in general. So here you are …. (also see all our bookmarked articles about gifs and gif related sites.)

On the web

  • 23 Million Gifs posted on Tumblr daily
  • 5 Million Gifs shared on FB and Twitter daily
  • 2 Million Gif integrations on Slack / month

Gif Lingua numbers

  • 1,493 books created. 10 books added daily.
  • 26,322 Gifs tagged and leveled as “gif ideograms”
  • 83,455 unique words and expressions covered
  • 1,195 flashcard and quiz sets for books

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