Human Emotions

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Gifs are the ultimate way to learn about human emotions and the language associated with them.  No question. Just try this presentation of the 60 emotions us humans express. Can your students guess which they are, noun and verb?

You can study on Gif Lingua, all the main emotions with perfect “gif explanations”.  Students will instantly know the emotion expressed and can translate into their own language.  If you want students to guess – just turn off the text and sound and then present the pages.

Example:  What is this emotion?


I chose a difficult one on purpose. But not really too difficult with a gif.  Did you get it? Paranoia. 

Study all adjective books or study just the top 6 books expressing all the basic human emotions.

You might also be interested in this project by a team from MIT –  They are trying to find gifs that match human emotions – but we’ve already done this work for you!

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