Word Sets

Students can not only study books about subjects and based on themes but also just study words. We have many sets which teach words only, highlighting their meaning with a perfect gif image. We intend to have in 1 month, the first 4,000 words of English in gif and they’ll be available for study through […]

Use Flickr

We love gifs!  However, many times, regular jpg images will suffice and make a great book. Now you can search through Flickr Creative Commons images to make your book pages!  It’s a great addition and will really allow educators and students to make wonderful books. Don’t forget – each book will also create a quiz […]

We’ve Got Quizzes!

Part of the Gif Lingua project is to provide all books with a “study quiz”.   After a student reads a book, they can dig in and learn all the main vocabulary.  Now, this is a reality! Just click “Study this book” and you’ll see the set for each book. Students can play a variety […]