Teachers: Copy A Book

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supercopypaste_icon_128We already have 1,000s of books in English on GifLingua. But we’ve only just begun!

We want teachers to help us translate all the books into many other languages, so they can help other teachers and language learners around the world.

It’s easy to do.

  1. Register as a teacher
  2. Find a book you like
  3. Click “Copy” and open the editor
  4. Click each page and translate the text.
  5. Change and translate the title.
  6. Publish under the correct language.

That’s it, it’s really simple. It takes just minutes a language and you’ll be helping so, so , so many teachers and students of the target language. ┬áPlus, all member teachers who translate books will receive lifetime benefits. Full access to our forthcoming LMS, quizzes, tracking, reports and more.

Thanks so much in advance, for helping out!


Here’s a nice tutorial showing you how it’s done.

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