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2,500 + leveled readers with videos, flashcards and quizzes. Students - read, study & write books, earn points, have fun! Teachers - Use the LMS, download worksheets and books

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Amazing Features

We bring books alive!

Responsive Design

Read on any device. Laptop, tablet or phone. Same with our web app!


Turn audio on and off. Change voices. Change colors. Hide text.


New books and worksheets each day. Dozens of interesting topics and levels.


Write books. Translate books. Start a class library.

Quizzes + Videos

Study flashcards, quizzes, videos for each book.

Schools & Teachers

Download books for offline use. Get book worksheet sets. Use the LMS to assign books to read, track.

Why Gifs?

Gifs - the perfect language learning object.
  • Gifs provide perfect "moving" context for learning a language. They are repetitive and unlike video, students don't experience cognitive overload and shut off.
  • Gifs contain messages students want to hear (Krashen, 1998). Perfect comprehensible input for students. Their fun nature relaxes learners and keeps them studying.
  • Gifs teach a lot of non-verbal and cultural communication. These short, clear messages keeps students engaged and learning. View the full presentation on our blog.

Who We Are and What We Do

We are passionate about literacy and the power of reading. Equally excited about gifs and their use as a material to aid learning and instruction.
Our database of educational gifs grows daily. Now with over 50,000 gifs tagged to language, we are forming the world's most complete visual corpus on the web. As students and teachers write books, they tag gifs with language and build gif "ideographs", universal signs for communication.
Teachers support Gif Lingua free reading by paying to use the LMS, assign books, assess student written books and download worksheet sets for all books. Join us on this journey to develop students who love reading.

David Deubelbeiss, Founder.

Our Subscription Plans

Here is what you get on Gif Lingua.

Student / Home Learner

  • Read all books
  • Quiz all books
  • Custom reading features
  • Videos - all books
  • Track progress with points

Schools / Districts

Volume Pricing
  • Write, copy, translate books
  • Download books as ppt or epub
  • Get worksheets for every book
  • LMS: Make classes, get reports
  • Full use of the webapp